Local attitudes towards wind energy are more positive after the construction of region´s first wind farm

In Tanja Männistö´s Master´s Thesis (University of Jyväskylä) the main objective was to discover if first-hand experience of a wind farm influences the general attitude towards wind energy. Central Finland´s first wind farm was constructed in Latamäki of Luhanka in the summer 2014. There are six 3 MW wind turbines in Latamäki.

First survey to inhabitants was conducted in April 2014. The second survey was send to the respondents of the first one in January 2015 about five months after the construction of Latamäki wind farm. The sample consisted of 10 % population of Luhanka.

Prior to construction of Latamäki wind farm, inhabitants held mainly positive attitudes towards both wind energy in general and Latamäki wind farm. After the construction of the wind farm inhabitants were still in favour of Latamäki wind farm. Moreover, attitude towards wind power in general as a form of electricity production had become more positive. Respondents had also changes their attitudes on how they perceived impacts on nature caused by the wind power production. Related to the latter, women and people, who had not seen wind turbines prior to the ones constructed in their own municipality, changed their opinion more than men and people who had seen wind turbines before.

You may find Tanja Männistö´s Master Thesis (in Finnish) here.

Alajärvi approves the master plans for two wind farms with 42 turbines

City council of Alajärvi decided on January 26, 2015 that new master plans will enable the fulfillment of Louhukangas and Möksy wind farms, which will be the largest investment of Alajärvi history ever. Value of investment is 200 M€. The unanimously approved master plan enables the completion of 42 modern turbines. The construction of this significant project will start during second half of year 2015. The estimate is that the construction site will employ about 200 persons and local companies will be prioritized in the tendering process. Particularly transport, earthmoving, concrete building and grid construction professionals will be required. In general a large project will bring a lot of increased activity for local businesses, such as accommodation and restaurant services.
Ilmatar Windpower Plc’s Head of Project Development, Mr. Erkka Saario, reminds in addition, that the city will benefit from property and income taxes that the local wind energy project company will accumulate. Mr. Saario perceives that a trusty dialogue has been established with the local people and it has been demonstrated that the project company is in the city to stay. The project company local office and service point continues to serve the information needs of the inhabitants in the center of Alajärvi.

Ilmatar has opened an office in Alajärvi

Ilmatar has opened an office in Alajärvi, address: Paavolantie 1.

Our office is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm. Welcome to hear the latest news from our Louhu and Möksy wind power projects along with a cup of coffee.

See you Alajärvi!