The future holds a great promise for a wide range of applications for power (with the meaning of electric energy) like power-to-heat, power-to-fuel, power-to-materials and power-to-food.

Ilmatar is uniquely positioned to provide the one thing all of these applications require – power. This will be done through an application of our own: ideas-to-power.

Ideas-to-power is all about making things happen, about identifying a freshly squeezed idea with sufficient potential for realization and taking it all the way over the finish line to become a part of future’s cleaner energy system, either solely on our own or in cooperation with best partners in the field. The best possible outcome – greatest possible volume of clean energy produced or carbon emissions reduced with the lowest possible cost – is then made sure by high quality asset management provided by Ilmatar Service ltd.

All great things happen in smaller steps. For Ilmatar the next steps on the way are:

1. Continued development and realization of renewable energy projects in Finland

Ilmatar’s goal is to be the key driving force behind new investments into Finnish renewable energy projects for a total combined value of 1 Billion EUR during the next 5 years. This shall be done by active project development by the company itself and also by acquiring project rights to the most intriguing projects from other developers.

The company’s strategy is based on a mode of operation where Ilmatar collaborates with various partners and other parties in all stages of the value chain from initial planning to long-term power production, both as a project developer and as a power producer and/or asset manager.

2. Adaptation of new solutions to the Finnish energy scheme

Ilmatar is working towards increasing Finland’s energy self-sufficiency and aims at bringing new energy and new modes of operation as well as totally new solutions and concepts to the field.

In the long run power production will be fully integrated into various power-to-X concepts, at which stage the projects will no longer be merely about renewable energy, but directly about renewable heat, materials, fuel and food that then have substantially higher value than energy as such.

3. International expansion

Ilmatar is working on an expansion strategy to enter into selected markets with key global and local partners. By means of collaboration and cooperation, Ilmatar’s professionalism and the best practices from the Finnish business environment can be well adopted for the successful development, acquisition and realization of renewable energy projects in other markets as well.