Ilmatar’s involvement in every stage of the power production value chain ensures that no aspect of responsible decision-making or other conduct is overlooked at any time during the development, realization or operation of a project.

Mastering the entire wind power production value chain gives us a competitive advantage and provides us the possibility to fulfil and live up to our core value, responsibility. The most important principle in our operations is to make sure that all the people, the environment, the partners and other stakeholders who are in any way related to our projects are doing as well or even better during and after the execution of the project than they were doing prior to that.

When looking at the big picture, it is easily conceived that the main outcome of our projects – cleaner future for us all – already fulfills this principle, but we also put a high emphasis on the smaller things along the way to ensure the very best outcome for all.

Ilmatar’s traditional strong suit, wind power production, meets the growing global need for energy in a sustainable way. Wind power is renewable energy and its production does not create any pollution to the air, water, or soil. The fuel used in wind power production is free and thus there are no geopolitical risks related to wind power production or dependencies on foreign fuel. The same is expected for all other types of projects that Ilmatar gets involved in.

Ilmatar wishes to take part in the international effort towards advancing renewable energy in the world by sharing its expertise and cost effective mode of operations – without forgetting a positive local impact!