Our roots are deep in wind and in Finland, just like our company’s namesake – Ilmatar, the goddess of wind from Finland’s national saga Kalevala.

Ilmatar has grown with the Finnish wind industry. We have seen all the twists and turns, and as an independent company we have enjoyed the highs and the lows to the full extent. We have learned to adapt to all the changes and challenges, and have grown stronger from these experiences.

Today Ilmatar benefits from the vast experience and know-how of its owners, board members, management and employees, and thrives in the ever-changing business environment not only coping with the change, but also driving it.

Over the years Ilmatar has engaged itself in various endeavors with a multitude of domestic and foreign companies. As a result, Ilmatar is a highly valued partner e.g. in transactions, construction etc. whose expertise is well respected.

Ilmatar has a well-proven track record in project execution. Another strong suit for us is asset management, which is operated by Ilmatar Service ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ilmatar Windpower Plc.