Somero, Palma


The project Palma is located on a hilly area besides the center of Somero. The wind farm benefits from the surrounding flat land used for agriculture. Palma is comprised of two estates, with the capacity for four 2–5 MW wind turbines.

Ilmatar has conducted the required environmental assessments during 2012. Ilmatar applied for a planning requirement decision for the area in the autumn 2013. The decision was given in June 2014 and gained legal effect in July 2014. The building permits were granted in 2015 and are legally valid and thus the project is ready for construction.

Ilmatar holds 30% of the project through Ilmatar Energy Oy, a joint wind development platform between Ilmatar Windpower and Capenergie 3, a fund managed Omnes Capital.

Asset management

Once operational, Ilmatar Service Oy will ensure the high quality of the technical and commercial management of the wind farm.