Pyhäntä & Kajaani, Piiparinmäki-Murtomäki


Piiparinmäki-Murtomäki, encompasses 50 turbine locations in the municipalities of Pyhäntä and Kajaani, of which 41 are construction ready. Ilmatar expects start of construction to take place during 2019. The project is expected to provide over 800 GWh of clean energy per year starting from 2020/2021. Discussions with electricity offtakers are ongoing.

The project was developed by Metsähallitus, one of the most prominent developers in Finland with a track-record of divesting over 500 MW of fully developed projects. Furthermore, as it is located solely on state-owned land, the Piiparinmäki-Murtomäki project contributes significantly both locally and on the state level.

Ilmatar holds 30% of the project through Ilmatar Energy Oy, a joint wind development platform between Ilmatar Windpower and Capenergie 3, a fund managed Omnes Capital.

Press releases of the acquisition and the establishment of Ilmatar Energy:

Press release in English
Press release in Finnish

Asset management

Once operational, Ilmatar Service Oy will ensure the high quality of the technical and commercial management of the wind farm.