It’s the people that make Ilmatar great. The ones working for Ilmatar are all highly skilled, experienced and motivated. The team consists of the following:

Erkka Saario

+358 40 355 7007

Erkka has been involved in the wind industry and other renewable projects for a decade focusing lately on project development, feasibility and execution and also on Mergers and Acquisitions and to their related matters such as Due Diligences. International cooperation and managing complex entities with several interfaces are part of his daily routines these days. He has very thorough hands-on experience in all aspects of a renewable energy project, giving him the ability to focus on the essentials.

Prior to joining Ilmatar in 2012, Erkka also gained extensive experience in energy technology and project management through various energy-related projects ranging from R&D to power plant and wind turbine procurement and deliveries.

Erkka holds a master’s degree in energy technology from the Lappeenranta University of Technology. In connection to that he spent a year in RWTH Aachen in Germany. He is also a IPMA C-certified Project Manager.

Erkka was recently selected as the Chairman of Finnish Windpower Association’s committee for promotion of interests of the industry.

Mikko Toivanen

Director and Co-founder
+358 50 059 5471

Mikko Toivanen is responsible for the execution of Ilmatar’s renewables projects including all construction-related issues from turbine (or other production equipment) and Balance of Plant procurement to start of commercial operation of a wind farm. Mikko is also head of Solar business at Ilmatar.

Mikko’s latest achievements have been e.g. building the first complete TCM service portfolio in Finland, which complies with the highest international standards. As a result, Ilmatar Service is a well renowned service provider amongst international wind farm owners and investors.

Experience in the field of electricity distribution, electricity transmission and wind power Mikko has accumulated for about 20 years. The most significant project so far has been designing, permitting and constructing the Latamäki project in Luhanka. The project was the first non-recourse project financed wind farm in Finland. Another project worthy of mentioning is the AMR metering project implemented at Vattenfall Verkko Oy (currently Elenia Oy), where Mikko had different roles in project and steering groups.

Mikko Toivanen has been a board member of Nordiska Handel Oy, Nokia since 2008 and its CEO from year 2010 onwards. He is also a Board Member at various companies of the KKM Group. KKM manufactures earth-fault and reactive power compensation systems for Nordic distribution and transmission companies and wind farms

Teemu Åkerman

Head of Power Markets
+358 40 5089005

Teemu takes care for the energy market related business at Ilmatar. His main tools are Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) which he implements to deliver green energy to the off-takers. Additionally, he is very open minded to look for all energy-related opportunities.

His job in Nordic power market is as interesting as it gets as he is developing ways how the renewable production can be purchased and managed by the end users in more cost-efficient way. His decade long work at Empower IM gives him an excellent insight on how the physical electricity market is functioning and how different stakeholders are working on at the Nordic power market. In Empower Teemu was involved in e.g. key account management, development of wind power business, electrical mobility business, group wide sales tools, IoT-business and energy market service business.

Teemu has a background in electrical automation engineering and data security industry. He’s also a certified energy trader by Adato.

Veli Pyykönen

Financial Manager
+358 40 671 4266

Veli is responsible for financial management, reporting and modeling. Veli has been working with wind power all of his career and while still being a young gun and an emerging talent, his experience in the field is already quite remarkable. Veli has gained vast knowledge of the Finnish wind power market through advising Finnish wind power developers as well as international investors on their transactions at his previous position as a senior analyst at KPMG’s Corporate Finance team.

Veli holds a master’s degree from the Aalto University School of Business majoring in finance and minoring in accounting.

Sari Hakala

Project Coordinator
+358 40 040 9888

Sari has experience in the office environment associated with various responsibilities, as well as internal and external communications with diverse interest groups. She also has a thorough understanding and experience on the local aspects such as acceptance creation when developing and operating wind farms. Sari also has a varied and extensive experience in domestic and international human resources and experience in the wind power industry already while working in Winwind Ltd for seven years (2007-2013).

Mauri Toivanen

Senior Advisor
+358 50 012 1562

Mauri Toivanen is Ilmatar’s Senior Advisor in permitting processes, project management and construction management. He has a strong background from various Finnish and international energy projects. He has made a long career in Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) and Posiva Oy, acting for example as the Construction Manager for both companies. Mauri holds a Master of Science in Technology degree from the Helsinki University of Technology.

Kalle Pykälä

Chairman of the Board and Co-founder
040 900 5309

Kalle Pykälä has over 15 years of experience in developing, financing and leading growth companies, as well as in the formation and/or transformation of several companies and investment vehicles, together with associated capital raising from private and public markets.

He was Ilmatar’s CEO since the company was founded in 2011 until 2016 when he became the Chairman of Ilmatar. During his years as the CEO he both managed the early and mid-stage growth of the company as well as played a key role in bringing best international wind industry practices and several leading renewables financiers to Finland. He strongly believes both that the wind industry will continue its fast growth in Finland and that Ilmatar will continue to be in the forefront in driving that development.

Pykälä graduated with a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Vaasa in 2002. He has completed other studies for his degree at Harvard University and at Institut Supérieur du Commerce in Paris. In 2010, Pykälä completed Executive Program for Growing Companies, designed for executives in high growth companies, at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Pykälä has been a member of the board for Marinium Ltd. since 2007, in which he is exercises control. He is also Chairman of the Board of Folkefinans AS, a Norwegian finance company.

Ele Lepik

Board Member

Ele Lepik has 20 years of experience in law, management, internal control and audit, developing growth companies and investments at Hedman Law Offices in Tallinn (1995-1997), Lindorff Oy Baltic operations (1997-2009), Ramirent Plc (2010-2012) and Rebane ja Rebane OÜ (2011- ).

Ele has graduated with Bachelor of Art in Law (now equal to LL.M) from University of Tartu in 1995. She has graduated with EMBA from the Aalto University Executive Education in 2010.

Timo Rajala

Board Member

Timo Rajala has been member of the Ilmatar Board of Directors since 2011. He brings his exceptionally broad experience in power production and an extensive contact network to Ilmatar. Rajala is currently also the Chairman of the Board for Elenia Ltd, Finland’s second largest DSO as well as Elering AS, which manages the Estonian electricity system, the national transmission grid and international connections.

Rajala has worked with Finnish power production throughout his career, as, for example, the CEO of Pohjolan Voima Ltd. during 1992–2010 and either Vice Chairman or Chairman of the Board of Teollisuuden Voima Plc and Fingrid Plc., the electricity transmission system operator in Finland.

Timo Rajala has also worked actively in society, as for example Board Member for The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK and for Finnish Energy Industries and for European Eureletric and the World Energy Council. Rajala has also acted on the board of both Empower Ltd. and Savon Voima Ltd.

Rajala holds a Master of Science in Technology from the Tampere University of Technology.

Petri Kanervo

Board Member

Petri Kanervo has been a member of the Board of Directors of Ilmatar from 2016 onwards. Petri is a skilled expert in Finnish small and medium-sized technology and growth companies. He has an extensive practical experience in various industries as a founder, developer, majority and minority owner as well as a board member.

Petri is spezialised in corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions as well as financing of SME´s. He has versatile hands-on experience in the management of listed companies, owner control and management.

Petri Kanervo has graduated from University of Tampere with a Master of Science (IT) in 1984, in addition to which he has a Master of Science (Int’l Business) Diploma (Boston University, Brussels) from 1993.

Petri Kanervo has acted as Gateway Finland Oy’s President and CEO since 1995.