A specialist in renewable energy projects

Ilmatar is a project-oriented integrator in the field of renewable energy production with a strong focus on project execution. We make ideas come to life – ours as well as yours.

Ilmatar’s ideas today are wind and solar related for the most part. We identify, develop, finance, construct and operate renewable energy production sites. At the same time we are constantly following the progress of new, carbon neutral or even carbon binding, energy systems to discover technologies and concepts that are mature enough for realization.

Although Ilmatar is completely independent and free to pursue it’s own agenda for a cleaner future, we are not alone in our efforts, but enjoy the support of a vast network of domestic and international partners.

Ilmatar aims at building 100 new wind turbines and several industrial size solar power plants in Finland in the next few years. Through these and other projects Ilmatar will have a remarkable positive effect in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in energy production. Ilmatar’s commitment to emission reduction offers a great legacy to future generations.

Ilmatar’s local companies are in charge of the local project development, construction and operating of the wind farms and solar power plants. The group’s parent company is Ilmatar Windpower Plc.

The founders and the key personnel of Ilmatar have extensive experience in all core competence areas relating to efficient wind power production, including power production, financing, electricity distribution and entrepreneurship.