Enrichment through customer satisfaction

We are professionals and our customers are mostly international companies with long business traditions. This set-up easily leads into a very rigid way of working, which we see can be well enhanced with active communication and personal attention to the issues at hand. This is also why we like to consider ourselves easily approachable, enabling the smooth and purposeful communication with us.

We are not stuck in the ways things have “always” been done, but are continuously looking for new and creative solutions with which we stay in the front line of development and progress within the industry.

Our team members are well experienced and have strong competence in their respected areas of responsibility. Our technical staff is very knowledgeable all the way up to details of the installed turbines. We even solve technical problems with the wind turbine suppliers, which in turn supports the power plant’s service team.

The vast experience also from other industries that we have enables a wide range of services. We have implemented a gross-organizational way of working, which enhances our internal and external communication and personal competences.

Seppo Hakola

Technical Manager
040 584 8250

Seppo Hakola acts as a technical manager at Ilmatar Service Oy. His primary responsibilities are continuous monitoring the production of wind farms and controlling and maintaining the technical condition of wind turbines. An important part of his work is also reporting and communication with the clients. Seppo also participates in the construction projects of wind farms with minor responsibilities.

He has previously worked for several years in design and product development tasks, for example railway rolling stock and heavy diesel engines. He has experience in the field of wind power technology since he has been working for WinWind Oy for about seven years. In WinWind Oy’s employment, he worked in several different positions, such as wind power delivery projects, site operations, product manager and product specialist. He was involved in developing and piloting the arctic wind power turbine and the new 3 MW wind turbine.“With my work experience and my background, I am very pleased to work for Ilmatar Service Oy and our customers. We maintain the technical condition and usability of our customers’ wind turbines at the top. It is the first goal of mine and Ilmatar Service Oy.”

Seppo’s main office is located in the office building near to Oulu Airport, where he also travels to different tasks on a wind turbine site.

Mikko Toivanen

Director and Co-founder
+358 50 059 5471

Mikko Toivanen is responsible for the execution of Ilmatar’s renewables projects including all construction-related issues from turbine (or other production equipment) and Balance of Plant procurement to start of commercial operation of a wind farm. Mikko is also head of Solar business at Ilmatar.

Mikko’s latest achievements have been e.g. building the first complete TCM service portfolio in Finland, which complies with the highest international standards. As a result, Ilmatar Service is a well renowned service provider amongst international wind farm owners and investors.

Experience in the field of electricity distribution, electricity transmission and wind power Mikko has accumulated for about 20 years. The most significant project so far has been designing, permitting and constructing the Latamäki project in Luhanka. The project was the first non-recourse project financed wind farm in Finland. Another project worthy of mentioning is the AMR metering project implemented at Vattenfall Verkko Oy (currently Elenia Oy), where Mikko had different roles in project and steering groups.

Mikko Toivanen has been a board member of Nordiska Handel Oy, Nokia since 2008 and its CEO from year 2010 onwards. He is also a Board Member at various companies of the KKM Group. KKM manufactures earth-fault and reactive power compensation systems for Nordic distribution and transmission companies and wind farms.

Sari Hakala

Project Coordinator
+358 40 040 9888

Sari has experience in the office environment associated with various responsibilities, as well as internal and external communications with diverse interest groups. She also has a thorough understanding and experience on the local aspects such as acceptance creation when developing and operating wind farms. Sari also has a varied and extensive experience in domestic and international human resources and experience in the wind power industry already while working in Winwind Ltd for seven years (2007-2013).

Veli Pyykönen

Financial Manager
+358 40 671 4266

Veli is responsible for financial management, reporting and modeling. Veli has been working with wind power all of his career and while still being a young gun and an emerging talent, his experience in the field is already quite remarkable. Veli has gained vast knowledge of the Finnish wind power market through advising Finnish wind power developers as well as international investors on their transactions at his previous position as a senior analyst at KPMG’s Corporate Finance team.

Veli holds a master’s degree from the Aalto University School of Business majoring in finance and minoring in accounting.

Mauri Toivanen

Senior Advisor
+358 50 012 1562

Mauri Toivanen is Ilmatar’s Senior Advisor in permitting processes and project management. He has a strong background from various Finnish and international energy projects. He has made a long career in Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO) and Posiva Oy, acting for example as the construction manager for both companies. Mauri holds a M.Sc. (Tech.) degree from the Helsinki University of Technology.

Kalle Pykälä

Senior Advisor
+358 40 900 5309

Kalle Pykälä has nearly 15 years of experience in developing growth companies, venture capital, corporate finance and capital markets from employment at ABB (2000−2001), Ruukki Group (2001−2005), Orienteq Capital (2005−2007) and Folkia in Stockholm (2008−2011). He has been Ilmatar’s CEO since the company was founded during years 2011-2016.

Pykälä graduated with a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Vaasa in 2002. He has completed other studies for his degree at, for example, Harvard University and Institut Supérieur du Commerce, in Paris. In the summer of 2010, Pykälä completed a program called the Executive Program for Growing Companies, designed for executives in high growth companies, at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Pykälä has been a member of the board for Marinium Ltd. since 2007, in which he is exercises control.