More than expected

Ilmatar Service is a high quality premium partner for the developers, constructors and owners of wind farms and other renewable energy assets. For the customers, Ilmatar Service is the best TCM service provider defining a new industry standard for the whole field. Under our management, you have a clear view of your assets and up-to-date understanding of what has happened and what will happen next.

With us you will succeed better today than yesterday.

Measurability, life cycle and progression

The additional value created through our services can be easily measured in many cases. Our aim is also to continuously improve this measurability.

Your wind farms and other assets are under our continuous financial control and technical monitoring. We minimize production downtimes and look for technical improvements, resulting in higher availabilities and financial returns.

There are also other targets and performance indicators you may wish to set for your assets and our services. ¬†Through such measurable targets we are able to provide you services with even higher quality and precision throughout the asset’s life cycle from first stage development to re-powering of a site.