Green Energy

Power for your business

It is easy to see where the world is headed with regards to methods of energy production and requirements of tomorrow, but when and how are already a little bit more difficult to spot.

This is why taking a step today in the right direction may seem somewhat risky, but is sure to pay off in the long run.

Today’s adaptation of Power-to-X concepts is virtually each and every company out there that is doing business and producing something either material or immaterial. Power in form of electric energy is needed almost for everything these days, at least to some extent.

You or your company has an exceptional possibility to make a statement and be a part of the future by changing to Green Energy. With Green Energy you can partly or even fully substitute the energy that is produced in a non-environmentally-friendly way with fully emissionless and sustainable alternative with an exact knowledge of where and how your energy is produced. Economically it makes sense, as you know your cost of energy to the cent for next 10, 15 or even 25 years.

Right now corporate PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreement) is a fast growing trend globally. Big companies with a high sense of social responsibility are leading the way while others are eagerly joining in. Through PPA’s with Finnish or international corporations new wind farms can be built also in Finland.

The world needs paragons. Contact us and become one.